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Friday, June 5, 2020

Poland goes ahead with its megaproject, Solidarity Transport Hub

Architectural concepts,

Despite the pandemic Poland is still planning to go ahead with several major investments. One of them is a central transportation hub. 

The Solidarity Transport Hub (STH) or Central Port of Communication/Transport is a megaproject aimed at the construction of a new, built-from-scratch airport which will be located approximately 37 kilometers (23 miles) southwest of Warsaw, and is planned to replace the Warsaw Chopin Airport as an international airport and the central transport hub while the Warsaw Chopin Airport will remain a destination airport. 

The planned launch of the port is 2027. At the beginning, the airport is to have two runways and ultimately four. The port will initially have a capacity of 40 million passengers per year, and ultimately 100 million passengers. Planned train connections will take 15 minutes to the Warsaw, 25 minutes to Łódź, and 2 hours to most other major Polish cities, such as Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań and Gdańsk, and maximum 2.5 hours to nearly 100 other cities in Poland. 10 major railway corridors radiating from STH will be built, including 1,000 miles of new high-speed-rail, to connect the airport with all regions of Poland.

The investment should provide employment for over 150,000 people. STH will be a social experience as much as a transport interchange, creating a national ‘town square’ – an open public space of markets, entertainment, social expression, community interaction and fun. The complex will include areas which showcase national and regional culture, including a curated craft and art gallery.

The project is still in the planning and design stage. The actual construction is scheduled to start in 2023.

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