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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Poland is working on its own electric car brand

Proposed design
Poland is currently the largest sales market in Europe without a homegrown automotive brand, but with a dynamic and constantly growing sales index, and numerous studies show that drivers are interested in the revival of the Polish automotive industry. The project of creating a Polish electric car brand implemented by ElectroMobility Poland (EMP) is a chance to use the potential and develop the Polish automotive industry.

This is a unique and pioneering project on a national scale, which creates the opportunity to develop a car adapted to the needs of Poles, both in terms of price, as well as equipment and parameters, constituting an attractive alternative to the currently selected vehicles in our country. It is also an opportunity to build a strong position in the emerging European electric car market.

The plans of EMP assume permanent cooperation with Polish companies and scientific and research units, which is to lead to the development and implementation of mass production of own technological solutions. The development of the Polish electric car brand will support the further development of Polish automotive industry, and at the same time is a chance to create a new branch of the economy, a new Polish specialization based on proprietary solutions that can compete on the global market. It is hard to imagine France without Renault, Italy without Fiat, or Germany without Volkswagen. There is no reason not to think about future Poland and its own automotive brand.

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