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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Poland's second large project during pandemic: Vistula Spit Canal

The construction of a canal cutting through the Vistula Spit will provide the Vistula Lagoon with independent access to the Baltic Sea. Today, Polish ships sailing into and out of the Vistula Lagoon need to use the Russian-administered Strait of Baltiysk.

"The investment will strengthen Polish sovereignty,  independence and freedom. We will not have to ask the Russians for the right to access the Vistula Lagoon through the Strait of Baltiysk, but we will have our own passage" - the president emphasized.

"We are ambitious as a nation and as authorities that have been placed at the head of the Republic of Poland and want to implement large investments. We do not want to change them, we do not want to give them up because large investments are the driving force of the economy. History shows that this was the way the world overcame the crisis after World War II. These kind of investments create jobs, just on this project, there are 50 Polish companies working on the construction site, which carry out investment works. We want wages in Poland to match wages in the West, and for this we need mechanisms that build the economy." 

The president emphasized that many jobs are being created because of the Vistula Spit, and thousands of jobs will be created after the completion of this investment. "This is a new, large construction site. As all of Poland will soon be a new, large construction site. It also creates new jobs in tourism, it also creates new commercial and economic opportunities for many entrepreneurs. (...)"

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