Saturday, July 4, 2020

Poland is the second EU country with the lowest unemployment, the opposition - armageddon on the labor market

Last Thursday, Eurostat published data on the level of unemployment in 27 member countries, which shows that at the end of May in Poland it amounted to only 3 percent, and, it was at a similar level as in February.

Lower unemployment at the end of May was only in the Czech Republic (it amounted to 2.4 percent), it was significantly higher in all other countries, average unemployment in the entire EU was 6.7 percent, in the euro area (countries using the Euro as a currency) it was 7.4 per cent.

The highest unemployment in the EU at the end of May was recorded by Spain -14.6%, followed by Greece (14.4%), unemployment also increased clearly in France, where it amounted to 8.1%, in Italy-7.8%, and in Germany it amounted to 3.9%.

These hard data presented by Eurostat were in sharp contrast to fake news disseminated by the opposition in Poland that due to the effects of the coronavirus, we are dealing with a kind of armageddon on the labor market, and that the level of unemployment has increased sharply, and that the country has more than one million of unemployed.

Admittedly, the Central Statistical Office did argue that the situation on the labor market in Poland has worsened, but by the end of May there were about 100,000 unemployed, and the unemployment rate increased from 5.4 percent to 6 percent (all registered unemployed). 

The opposition did not bother with facts and each speech in the parliament began with dramatic statements about how the government does nothing, deals only with elections, and people lose their jobs en masse.

There is no doubt that only a slight deterioration of the situation on the labor market in Poland, despite the fact that a large part of the Polish economy was frozen for nearly 3 months, results from the rapid adoption by the government and parliament of legal solutions and their implementation aimed at saving jobs.