Killing Warsaw is now on Audible

I am pleased to announce that the audiobook 
Killing Warsaw is now on sale at Audible and Amazon, and it will be available on iTunes within the next few days.

This audiobook shows how much the city of Warsaw and its residents suffered under German Nazi occupation. It also shows that all of the destruction was planned before the war and that there were no accidents. The city of Warsaw was to disappear to be later reborn as a small German city of Warschau. You will see how the plan was implemented from the first days of the war, through brutal occupation, Ghetto uprising, Warsaw uprising, and final and total destruction. You will see how rapidly the city's population shrunk from 1.3 million to 1,000.

(The link below will take you to the book's page where you will be able to hear the sample.)

Killing Warsaw: The Full True Story of the City That Was to Disappear - US - UK - FR - DE

We are told that at $7 in the US and £6.39 in the UK it is a bargain.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Poland to leave the Istanbul Convention and EU politicians don't want to hear that

Source: PAP/DoRzeczy
Poland will take steps next week to withdraw from a European treaty, know as the Istanbul Convention, because it violates parents' rights by requiring schools to teach children about gender, the justice minister, Zbigniew Ziobro, said on Saturday.

"It contains elements of an ideological nature, which we consider harmful," - Ziobro said.

"Poland should not withdraw from the Istanbul Convention," - says the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Marija Pejčinović Burić. - "It would be regrettable and would be a huge step backwards in protecting women from violence in Europe," she said on Sunday.

Did I mention that officially the treaty was about "protecting women from violence in Europe"? Since they are not specific they probably mean violence perpetrated by those chauvinistic Catholics (not the other guys), of which Poland has plenty of, about 90%.

I think I'm right about that, because if you look at today's headlines about Poland you will learn that it wants "(...) to quit the treaty on violence against women."

What you will not learn from the European media is that initiative to leave the Convention came from private citizens who had enough and created a petition signed by thousands of people.

"EU commissioners must receive a clear signal that there is no consent to introduce extreme ideological solutions under the guise of combating violence against women, aimed at undermining the importance of the family and marriage! Only a strong voice of societies of different nations can stop the plans of radical circles seeking to undermine the role of basic social structures," -emphasize the organizers of the petition.

"The Istanbul Convention is criticized, among others, because some of its paragraphs are formulated using terminology typical of gender ideology, and also because it sees the source of violence against women in the family. In 2017, the European Parliament in the text of a resolution calling for the signing of the Istanbul Convention interpreted its provisions in such a way that they would force member states to introduce compulsory sex education in schools and to legalize abortion on request, although such a requirement does not arise directly from the text of the Convention."

"(...)schools will be forced to try to convince children that there are ‘different genders’ and that they can choose their ‘gender identity’ – completely without their parents’ consent." 

(PN - We are not in any away associated with the organizers of the petition or any other organization or government.)

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