Thursday, July 16, 2020

Prime Minister of Poland: regarding 5G, all of Europe must stand with the US

The pandemic painfully made us aware of the importance of having our own secure production lines in the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment and laboratories. The same applies to decisions regarding 5G - Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki writes in the Daily Telegraph on Thursday.

He emphasized that the fight against the pandemic is a great human undertaking, but we must prepare for an even more important battle in the coming months - for the shape of our economy after the Covid pandemic. He adds that modern telecommunications infrastructure will largely determine Europe's prosperity and place in the international supply chain system.

We must make sure that in Poland we are protected against threats and weaknesses resulting from progress in 5G. We are supporters of the 5G ecosystem based on trust. It forms the basis of every system that is the carrier of the most private information of our citizens and the fruits of intellectual property.
For this technology to serve good purposes, its implementation must be based on trust and democratic control. Otherwise, we face the risk that today's crisis will be only an introduction to what can happen if an unauthorized entity takes control of 5G networks and supply chains. Soon our entire economy will be based on this technology and will not be able to function without it. We cannot allow it to fall into the hands of private or state cybercriminals - argues the PM.