Killing Warsaw is now on Audible

I am pleased to announce that the audiobook 
Killing Warsaw is now on sale at Audible and Amazon, and it will be available on iTunes within the next few days.

This audiobook shows how much the city of Warsaw and its residents suffered under German Nazi occupation. It also shows that all of the destruction was planned before the war and that there were no accidents. The city of Warsaw was to disappear to be later reborn as a small German city of Warschau. You will see how the plan was implemented from the first days of the war, through brutal occupation, Ghetto uprising, Warsaw uprising, and final and total destruction. You will see how rapidly the city's population shrunk from 1.3 million to 1,000.

(The link below will take you to the book's page where you will be able to hear the sample.)

Killing Warsaw: The Full True Story of the City That Was to Disappear - US - UK - FR - DE

We are told that at $7 in the US and £6.39 in the UK it is a bargain.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Belarus is boiling. Nationwide strikes. Something is happening In Minsk

Image by Radio Svoboda

Latest: In Minsk, columns of people begin to head towards the city center. 

Independent media also report on strikes across the country. Authorities are abusing the detainees.

The website of the "Nasza Niwa" newspaper writes that a few hundred employees of the "BiełAZ" plant, producer of the world's largest trucks, went on strike. During the meeting with the management, the workers demanded the presentation of protocols from the polling stations made after the Sunday presidential elections and the removal of the OMON militia (special anti-riot units) officers from the city.

There are unconfirmed reports that employees of several construction companies in the capital have asked the authorities and trade unions to restore normal operation of the Internet, re-examine the results of the presidential election and end the use of force by OMON. 

The employees of the Symphony Orchestra went to the Jakub Kolas Square and every few minutes sing the Belarusian religious and patriotic hymn "Mahutny Boża" ("Almighty God"). Several hundred of the faithful gathered on Swaboda Square, which is located between the cathedral church and the cathedral church, to pray for peace in Belarus.

Meanwhile, the Russian independent media report that the Belarusian authorities are abusing the detainees. For example, according to the portal "Meduza", the Belarusian lawyer Anton Gaszyński reported that his client Vitaly Szklarow was detained in inhumane conditions. According to the lawyer, the police officers continually demean and torture him. There are many similar reports.

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