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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

LGBT activists demand legal immunity

In the latest development in an open war between LGBT ideology and Polish government the activists demand legal immunity. Even their political allies have opposed the idea. Their reasoning is simple, it give an ammunition to their opponents in a political fight.

All of that was sparked by the arrest of one of the activists, called "Margot", on June 27 for hooligan involving participation in a brutal attack on an activist of the Pro Life Foundation and destruction of property belonging to the foundation.

"I will write again: It is necessary to fight for #LGBT people in Poland to have the legal immunity that, for example, MPs have. So that any policeman on the street could not arrest an LGBT person. We simply deserve this right" - wrote a supporter of LGBT ideology.

This was criticized by one of the left-wing opposition leaders who wrote: "I said before that these circles would soon accuse the Civic Platform, Hołownia and even Czarzasty (opposition leaders), of being homophobic, because they do not want to agree to immunity for LGBT people. Radicalism always escalates the demands. And all this is water for "Law and Justice" mills."