Sunday, August 2, 2020

Main Stream Media totally ignore the Warsaw Uprising anniversary. Worry about LGBT Free Zones

The so called Main Stream Media do everything they can to remind us why we don't trust them, and never should. 

Yesterday, the whole Poland, all Poles, had only one thing in mind, the anniversary of Warsaw Uprising. But you would not know that reading the headlines about Poland. Headlines that show a self-satisfaction of liberals who think that they are winning in Poland. 

A few days ago the European Commission declared that those Polish towns that declared themselves the LGBT Free Zones will not receive EU funds. 

For Poles that was already the "old News". But, the MSM really wanted to rub it in their faces, forgetting one important thing. Poles above all else care about their independence. So, that will be remembered the next time there is a talk about the Istanbul Convention or any other European treaty designed to take "little more" of their independence. That also means that liberal politicians in Poland will find it even more difficult to win elections to any office.