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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Polish prosecutor's office refuses to hand over Dutch family

 The conservative portal wPolityce.pl reports that the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw will ask the court not to issue an order to hand over to the Dutch authorities a couple that fled from the Netherlands with their autistic son. The  Dutch officials believe that the child should be kept in a closed center for children with disabilities.

This shocking decision of the Dutch authorities made the couple take a desperate step. They "kidnapped" their son and fled the country with him. A few weeks ago, they found arrived in Poland.

A Dutch court issued a European arrest warrant for the two parents of a sick boy. However, so far they could feel safe in Poland. In the opinion of those familiar with the situation, the family functions very well and the parents are very good at dealing with their child's disability. 

While in Netherlands, the boy repeatedly informed the authorities that he wanted to stay with his parents, and being placed in a center for autistic children caused him suffering.

The ruthlessness of the Dutch family services, which theoretically help the family of sick children, has been known for several years.

The parents of the sick boy have already been questioned, but were not detained by the prosecutor's decision. Investigators from the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw are convinced that the handing over of the couple to the Dutch authorities will cause the family great harm. There are also legal doubts. The boy's parents have not lost their parental rights in the Netherlands, but their right was limited. The child wants to be with their loved ones. All this makes it impossible to apply article 211 of the Polish Penal Code.

It is shocking that European have to seek an asylum in Poland, there were other cases in the last couple of years, to be able to raise their children normally. Interestingly, they are fleeing the countries whose authorities and judges question "the rule of law" in Poland.