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Friday, September 11, 2020

Prime Minister of the Netherlands wants a new Union without Poland and Hungary

 The media in the Netherlands report about the proposal of the prime minister of this country regarding the resolution of the rule of law in Poland and Hungary. Mark Rutte wants to create a new European Union without the participation of Warsaw and Budapest.

According to the Dutch journalist, Prime Minister Rutte mentioned during a parliamentary session in The Hague that the creation of a new European Union without Poland and Hungary would be "the last option" if the rule of law in both countries "gets out of hand".

PN: Good! Maybe this time they will tell the members of the New European Union, right up front, that it is them, whoever they are, who define the definition of the "rule of law" and maybe even finally tell us which "laws" they care about the most. Because, they always seem to find some "other" law they think that was broken by "the unwashed" in Warsaw or Budapest.