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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Covid-19 in Europe, second wave has arrived

 In Europe, we are dealing with the second more severe than the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic. Alarming data come from Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. Spanish immunologists doubt the high effectiveness of the first COVID-19 vaccines in inhibiting the pandemic.

The second, sharper wave of the coronavirus epidemic is underway in Hungary. The highest daily increase in infections since the start of the pandemic was recorded on Friday - by 1,322.

During the week, in addition to new infections, the number of hospitalized patients in Bulgaria increased rapidly. Currently, there are 971 people in hospitals, including 57 in intensive care units. 

In Russia, 11,115 cases of coronavirus have been detected in the last 24 hours, and 202 people have died - informed government officials today (Wednesday).

In Ukraine, 4,753 coronavirus infections were confirmed on Tuesday, and 2,569 people have recovered - these are the highest daily balances since the beginning of the epidemic. 77 more patients with Covid-19 have died and 730 have been hospitalized, Ukrainian Health Minister Maksym Stepanov announced Wednesday.

In Slovakia, 877 coronavirus infections were recorded on Tuesday, the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic, Prime Minister Igor Matovicz informed on Wednesday. This is 55 percent more than last Tuesday.

The total balance of coronavirus infections in the Czech Republic increased by 4,457 new cases on Tuesday, the country's health ministry said on Wednesday. The increase on Tuesday is almost 700 cases higher than the daily record recorded on Friday.

Poland: 3,003 new cases of coronavirus; 75 people died - this is the highest daily number of infections and deaths - according to new data from the Ministry of Health.

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