Friday, October 16, 2020

Did Biden put Poland next to "totalitarian regimes"?

 Just a few days ago, an article in the "Intellectual Takeout" criticized a "Polish Joke" by former vice president Joe Biden in an interview with the New York Times. He said that he had stopped going to the Polish-American club and instead started to hang around "smart people". Now, Biden has spoken critically about the situation in Belarus, Poland and Hungary. Then he pointed to the problem of "the growth of totalitarian regimes in the world".

Biden: "And we find ourselves in a situation where he spoke to Putin six times, hasn't said a word to him. And NATO is in the risk of beginning to crack because they don't doubt -- they doubt our -- whether we're there. You see what's happened in everything from Belarus to Poland to Hungary, and the rise of totalitarian regimes in the world, and as well, this president embraces all the thugs in the world.- From the transcript by ABC News.

So, did Joe Biden put Poland (but not China, by the way) in the same category as Belarus? The Polish press thinks so. His words are being repeated by just about every outlet in Poland, including those backed by Russia. Some of them, can't contain themselves, because that just gave them more ammunition for their constant attack against the democratically elected government, despite the unrestricted meddling by media giants and, of course, Russians.

The Polish-American community has traditionally been the electorate of the Democratic Party for many decades. This has changed since President Ronald Reagan. Currently, the majority of Poles are now in favor of the Republicans.

The disdain the Democrats show towards Poles and Poland is more and more visible. It started with previous president Barack Obama during his visit to Poland, but now it seems to be getting worse.

There is a theory that it was the "Polish vote" that gave Trump the presidency. If that's true, then let's do that again. Because asking Joe Biden or his camp for an explanation or apology is pointless if it's almost certain that he will do it again. It's a third time in last 30 days.

As Trump tweeted: "Vote for Trump, what the hell do you have to lose!!!"