Saturday, October 17, 2020

Poland has its own huge political scandal, as big as Navalny's poisoning

 Two days ago one of the most prominent critics of the current government in Poland was arrested. Big enough that even great The New York Times, busy with helping Biden win the election, found the time to mention it.

Roman Giertych, who has been involved in high-profile cases against members of the governing party, was put in handcuffs and had his home searched by the authorities. - writes the NYTimes.

What The New York Times and Joe Biden have in common? Neither like Poles and Poland very much, so this "scandal" comes at the best possible time.

The lawyer, Roman Giertych, who has been involved in a series of high-profile cases against members of the governing Law and Justice party, was placed in handcuffs by a special anticorruption unit outside a Warsaw court. He has also represented prominent opposition figures, including Donald Tusk, the former president of the European Council. - adds the NYTimes.

 And this little information above may be the clue to Left's panic, both in Poland and in international politics. It is not certain yet, but it seems that we may finally learn why such prominent figure as Donald Tusk chose to stay abroad and not fight for the highest price on any political scene, the office of the President.

Here is what we learned from the "other" sources, that as far as we know have no "political axe to grind":

On October 15, the officers of the highly respected, and feared in political circles, Central Anticorruption Bureau (CBA) "detained an attorney Roman G., businessman Ryszard K., and other suspects in the investigation of activities to the detriment of a listed (on Polish stock market) company." (In Poland, only the last name's initials of the suspected person are given, and only distorted pictures are published.)

The material collected by the Central Anticorruption Bureau indicates that the detainees took part in an organized procedure consisting in taking money out of the company, appropriation and money laundering. "Damage to property exceeds PLN 90 million" ($30 million) - says the post from official CBA's account on Twitter.

The representative of the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Poznań informed today, Saturday, at a press conference that "after successful charges" Giertych was subjected to preventive measures against freedom, including in the form of a financial surety (bail) in the amount of PLN 5 million, suspension in the activities of a lawyer, a ban on leaving the country and police supervision combined with a ban on contacting other suspects. 

Referring to the speculation of some media that the health of the suspect Roman G. resulted from the unauthorized interference of the CBA officers, I firmly state that from the collected evidence, including the search at Roman G.'s house, which was recorded and took place in the presence of lawyers from The District Bar Council in Warsaw shows that they are completely unfounded - said prosecutor Jacek Motawski.

 Unfortunately, The New York Times is painting a picture of the corrupt government trying to persecute its critics. If successful it may help presidential candidate, Joe Biden, who was doing the same, without any proof, thing for the last weeks and quickly loosing any support left among Polish American voters.

What is curious is that Mr Giertych's lawyer claims that his client "fell unconscious on his bathroom floor and was rushed to the hospital" and is not fully comprehensive ever since. If that's the case how did he made this post?

"Today I was detained on suspicion of acting to the detriment of a company, handcuffed on the eve of L. Czarnecki's arrest case, of whom I am the only defense attorney."