Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Left talked about criminal liability during an epidemic, today they organize street protests

 Since Thursday Poland sees protests against tightening of the abortion law as a result of a ruling by the Constitutional Tribunal that found a provision in the law allowing abortion to be unconstitutional. Specifically, the ruling is talking about the provision allowing abortion when there is a high probability of severe and irreversible fetal impairment or an incurable life-threatening disease. 

On Sunday, the protesters attacked, and in many cases entered, the churches.

Not long ago, the Left proposed a new law under which those who act against the knowledge about the epidemic (and refuse to wear masks or submit to any lockdown) would face a criminal liability.  Today, in the middle of the "second wave" of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Left-Wing politicians are at the forefront of the protests held all over Poland and urge young people to join them.