Saturday, November 28, 2020

Will European Parliament finance a revolution in Poland?

 Thursday's resolution of the European Parliament "The right to abortion in Poland" is a document that goes far beyond the matter raised in its title. It shows that the issue here is a sovereign functioning of the Republic of Poland. 

Unfortunately the full adopted text is not available yet, so we have to rely on the MEPs to give us an insight.

According to the former member of the European Parliament (EP), Marek Jurek, the lesser known parts of the document may show the true intentions of it's authors. 

It is worth paying attention to two, less commented on, fragments of this document. It is not only about "expressing support" for demonstrations organized "despite sanitary threats", for "demanding the invalidation of a judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal" and for "liberalization of the abortion law" in general. Article 10 affirms "that the demonstrators are also demanding the resignation of the government" - writes Jurek.

Reading Article 18 in the context of the above passages it calls on the Union authorities "to provide adequate funding to national and local civil society organizations to increase grassroots support for democracy" and "to immediately and directly support Polish civil society programs and organizations working to protect sexual and reproductive rights and health". 

 In other words, the latest resolution of the EP calls on financing the "revolution" and overthrow of the democratically elected government in Poland for it's defense of the Constitution (written in most parts by the left wing politicians)

any government that stands in the way of the abortion and gender revolution carried out by the ruling class of the European Union. Until now it was a creeping revolution, but now it has finally crawled out for the public to see. Which is good, because you cannot pursue politics bypassing problems just because they are imperceptible. It's time, after the stories that “we want a Poland to be like the European Union”, to realize where the authorities of the Union are going and where they want to lead us and the whole of Europe.