Monday, December 7, 2020

Pope John Paul II: A Man for His Age

Pope John Paul II, truly a man of his time, a man of and for the age. - Rush Limbaugh.

 The attacks on Saint John Paul II are not only not stoping, they are intensifying. Most likely because JPII is the most remarkable figure of post WWII era of Christianity of Catholicism. Since it is extremely difficult to find any brave media personality to defend JPII I would like to go back to the article published by Rush Limbaugh in 2005, "Pope John Paul II: A Man for His Age", and bring some excerpts from it and the link to it afterwards:

"The pope came to New York for a visit and offered a mass in Central Park. And I was all prepared for the local media, as is usual the case with anything Catholic or Christian, to be critical, to bash, to rip, to make fun of, to laugh at, to impugn.
Catholicism and Christianity are two areas of religions these days that are totally immune from any criticism. You can criticize them, you can joke about them, you can make all kinds of comments you want and nobody will say that you’re violating any kind of political correctness when you’re crossing the line or whatever.
But you can’t do that with Judaism. You can’t do it with Hinduism. Yu can’t do it with Buddhism. You certainly can’t do it with Islam. If you start making jokes about Islam, well, you’ll hear about it real fast and they’ll try to do all the harm they can, but you can rip Catholics all day long and you can rip Christians all day long and laugh at ’em and make fun of them.
So I was fully expecting the report of the pope’s mass in Central Park to be criticized and ridiculed and have such things said about it like the pope came to New York attempting to impose Catholicism on the world, to impose Catholicism on New York and I’ll be darned, folks, if virtually every local station here in New York reported on this mass as though it was one of the greatest things that ever happened in the city.
And I was, frankly, stunned. And I think one of the reasons for it was the pope."

You can read the whole thing at Rush Limbaugh's website. I will also try to translate excerpts from it for my Polish readers.