Friday, December 25, 2020

Spectacular action of Polish medics in Dover! 1260 tests on drivers. Poles propose 'sanitary corridor' through France

 A group of 37 doctors, diagnosticians, nurses and paramedics from CSK MSWiA, Polish Medical Air Rescue, WOPR and other services worked in Dover, Great Britain, on the night of Thursday to Friday. Polish medics performed 1,260 tests of drivers stuck in Dover. On Friday, they are already returning to the country.

The second group of 60 military medics traveled to the UK on Friday, where they will be testing for coronavirus Polish drivers waiting at the Dover border pass to enter France. 

The head of Poland's employers association, Transport and Logistics Polska, has proposed French authorities create a 'sanitary corridor' to the Belgian border to help free lorry drivers "imprisoned" in the UK.

Hundreds of Polish drivers have been stuck in southern England after the French authorities closed the border to traffic from the UK on Sunday in an attempt to halt the spread of a new variant of the coronavirus.

"If the French are so afraid of the coronavirus, let them permit drivers coming from Great Britain to quickly pass through their country to Belgium," the logistics boss told PAP. "It's only a few dozen kilometers and for certainty they can even line the road with police and the army."