Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Third Polish store blew up in Netherlands.

 A Polish store in Beverwijk near Amsterdam was damaged in an explosion on Wednesday morning. Nobody was hurt in the explosion. It is the third Polish store in the Netherlands that has experienced an explosion in the last two days.

All of the damaged stores are called "Biedronka", but are not associated with the supermarket chain in Poland.

Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked the Embassy of the Netherlands for explanations. "We are awaiting an urgent investigation."

It can't be a coincidence since Netherlands is Poland's harshest critic in the upcoming EU budget negotiations due to Polish veto. In turn, Poland is now accusing Netherlands of tax fraud against the EU and the "rule of law".

It seems that it's not easy being Polish in any of the EU countries, even those pushing the so called "rule of law." The term is so flexible, thanks to European bureaucrats, that nobody is sure what exactly does it mean.