On September 1st Poland presented A REPORT ON THE LOSSES SUFFERED BY POLAND AS A RESULT OF GERMAN AGGRESSION AND OCCUPATION DURING WORLD WAR II, 1939-1945. The Report consists of three volumes: Volume A - A collection of studies; Volume B - Photographic documentary; Volume C - List of atrocity sites. The download will start automatically.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Poland is now accusing Netherlands of tax fraud against the EU and the "rule of law", two Polish supermarkets there explode

 On Monday, representatives of Solidarity Poland presented a report in the Sejm entitled "Violation of the rule of law by the Netherlands - tax fraud in the EU".

During a press conference, Deputy Minister of State Assets Janusz Kowalski assessed that the Dutch legislation enables benefits from participation in the single market and the transfer of profits outside the European Union, including to tax havens.

He stressed that "the report by Solidarity Polska concerning precisely the subject of an aggressive tax system inconsistent with the rules of the internal market of the European Union, entitles us to ask a very important question - to launch the procedure under Art. 7, i.e. violation of the rule of law by the Netherlands in terms of violating the rules of the internal market, lack of loyal cooperation with other countries and the rule of law that respects the principles of non-discrimination and justice ”.

Blasts Badly Damage 2 Polish Supermarkets in the Netherlands

(AP) — Two Polish supermarkets in the Netherlands were badly damaged by explosions early Tuesday, police said. Nobody was injured in the blasts in Aalsmeer, near Amsterdam, and in a small town in the North Brabant province.

It was not immediately clear if the explosions were linked.