Monday, December 28, 2020

We have it first: EU-China investment deal has been agreed but, German presidency did not inform member states

Surprising image found on the official portal of EC

None of the Western "news" agencies report on that (yet) so we may be the first ones:

Germany surprised the rest of the EU countries. Work on the EU-China agreement has been accelerated. Poland objected! "An unusual situation."

According to unofficial sources, on Sunday evening the German presidency of the EU Council informed the member states that during the Monday meeting of ambassadors in Brussels there will be an additional item on the EU-China investment agreement. Some EU countries were surprised by this, because the agendas of the ambassadors' meetings in Brussels are established in advance.

An EU source told Polish Press Agency (PAP) that at a closed meeting on Monday, the European Commission (EC) told ambassadors that the EU-China investment agreement had been agreed upon, and now the German presidency and the Commission are wondering when and how to communicate it to the public.

At the meeting of the ambassadors, after the speech of the European Commission representative, Poland opposed the "sudden" acceleration of work on the EU-China investment agreement.

"In three weeks the US will have a new administration. The United States is an important actor in the geopolitical scene and an agreement with China should take into account the EU's relations with the US" - said Polish ambassador.

"We also said that we should not rush after seven years of difficult negotiations. Meanwhile, suddenly such an item is added to the agenda of the EU ambassadors' meeting in Brussels. This is an unusual situation. In the last days of the German presidency, we are dealing with a sudden, unjustified acceleration of a very important issue that concerns international relations. Therefore, we raised our doubts about this situation" - he added.