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Killing Warsaw is now on sale at Audible and Amazon. Learn how much the city of Warsaw and its residents suffered under German Nazi occupation. The city of Warsaw was to disappear to be later reborn as a small German city of Warschau. You will see how the plan was implemented from the first days of the war, through brutal occupation, Ghetto uprising, Warsaw uprising, and final and total destruction. 

Killing Warsaw: The Full True Story of the City That Was to Disappear - US - UK - FR - DE

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Norway decides to take a radical step. Shuts down Oslo

 On Saturday, the Norwegian government announced the closure of Oslo and nine surrounding towns as a result of an outbreak of the British coronavirus strain in Nordre Follo. Two people died as a result of infection with this variant.

Wprowadzamy najsurowsze środki, tak jak to było 12 marca ubiegłego roku. W niektórych obszarach nawet bardziej restrykcyjne - stwierdził na konferencji prasowej norweski minister zdrowia Bent Hoie.

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