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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

President of the European Commission finally criticized the shutdown of Trump's accounts

 As they say, better late than never, Von der Leyen criticized the shutdown of Trump's account on Twitter.

Let me make one thing clear first. In Europe, we value innovation. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities of modern technology. We are curious about new things. Without novelties, innovations, technological progress, there is no tomorrow (…). But new technologies can never get others to decide how we are to live. And that's what it's all about - said President of the European Commission (EC).

In December, the EC proposed new regulations regarding digital services and the digital market. Poland is also working on legislation that will limit the Big Tech's censorship. 

We want platforms to provide transparency regarding the operation of their algorithms. It cannot be that decisions with far-reaching implications for our democracy are made by computer programs that no one controls - der Leyen explained.

We also want clear guidelines according to which internet companies will take responsibility for the content they distribute. Twitter shut down Donald Trump's account at five minutes past twelve. Such a decision should be made on the basis of the law, not an arbitrary decision of some company. This should be a decision made by politicians and parliaments, not Silicon Valley managers.