Sunday, February 28, 2021

Carpathians connected: "Via Carpatia is the most important"

 "For each country in the region, the Via Carpatia and its branches are the most important," said minister of infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk during the "Europe of the Carpathians" videoconference. 

For the Carpathian region, the most important thing is a good automobile, rail, and air communication network. It would be an "engine of development" in this part of Europe - said Adamczyk.

The route called “Via Carpatia” will run from Lithuanian seaport Klaipeda via Kaunas, Polish cities Bialystok, Lublin and Rzeszow, via Slovak cities Prešov and Košice, Hungarian towns Miskolc and Debrecen, across Romania via Oradea, Lugoj, Calafat, and Constanta, via Bulgarian metropolis of Sofia and Svilengrad up to the Greek Thessaloniki. 

The idea of Transit Route Via Carpatia was born by Poland in June 2006.

"This investment is primarily a way of modern technologies, it is a road that gives opportunities along with it, and thanks to branches extending from it, they will be able to locate economic ventures in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe" - emphasized Adamczyk. He added that thanks to this, economic expansion to the east will continue. "These are not only domestic projects, but they also accumulate capital from around the world."

The Three Seas countries are striving to ensure that the path of modern, environmentally friendly technologies is included in the core of Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

The TEN-T network includes road, rail, air, sea, and river routes, which are the most important connections for the European Union's development.