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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Poland will build the Central Communication Port with Koreans

 According to the financial portal, money.pl, Poland, together with a partner from South Korea, will build a Central Communication Port. As determined by the portal, an agreement is to be signed next Friday between the CPK and Inchon airport and an international agreement between the Polish and Korean governments. 

From the beginning of January, experts from South Korea are consulting to construct the gigaport in Baranów near Grodzisk Mazowiecki. As determined by money.pl, sides signed the agreements a few weeks ago, and the work is already underway.

Now the cooperation enters a new phase. The Koreans will not only advise but will become a CPK partner. A new agreement is to be signed on Friday.

The Korean authorities will not come to Poland, due to COVID-19, everything will take place remotely at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 

Most likely, the Koreans will invest and partially finance the construction of the gigaport. For them, it will be strategic cooperation, because thanks to this, their Incheon gigaport will have a place to fly in Europe.