Friday, March 12, 2021

Germany officially announces the fight against nuclear power in Europe. "It is not in Germany's interest"

 Environment Minister, Svenja Schulze, presented a new policy document according to which Germany will pressure other European countries to join the nuclear decommissioning because “state-funded new nuclear power plants are not in Germany’s interest.”

Germans are not even hiding the fact that it’s all about them and their economy. 

The fifth point of the document reads as follows: “The Federal Ministry of the Environment will actively promote - together with like-minded countries in Europe - the involvement of other European countries in the nuclear phase-out process (…). The new state-financed nuclear power plants in the EU are not in Germany’s best interests, nor in the interest of climate protection and energy transformation. Nuclear energy is no longer economically viable, it emits little CO2, but it is not clean and carries the inevitable risk of waste. The further costs it generates are enormous and will burden future generations. The disposal of radioactive waste is complex, lengthy, and expensive. In the EU, we have specific targets to improve energy efficiency and develop renewable energy sources. “

The Germans themselves said what the purpose of their anti-nuclear fight was. It’s in the words of their governing parties coalition agreement that says: "embedding the "Energiewende" in the European context opens up an opportunity to reduce costs and use the synergy effect. We want additional development and employment opportunities in Germany as well as export opportunities for German companies on international markets."