On September 1st Poland presented A REPORT ON THE LOSSES SUFFERED BY POLAND AS A RESULT OF GERMAN AGGRESSION AND OCCUPATION DURING WORLD WAR II, 1939-1945. The Report consists of three volumes: Volume A - A collection of studies; Volume B - Photographic documentary; Volume C - List of atrocity sites. The download will start automatically.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

An important voice on the campaign to smear wartime Poland as the accomplice of Adolf Hitler in the extermination of Jews

 The Washington Examiner published an op-ed titled "Fooling with facts on Poland's role in the Holocaust" that brings the most critical point about the latest ill-founded accusations that exploit World War II history and unfair interpretations of the relations between the Poles and the Jews. 

And the matter is that: "the current smear campaign against Poland and its people will eventually affect the way history, including the history of the Holocaust, will be interpreted. There is a high risk that the international public opinion will one day take it for granted that Poland and the Poles were the sole perpetrators of the Final Solution."

We urged everyone in the media, especially the conservative media, to look at the issue from the viewpoint that history is being rewritten on our watch. The attempt is being made to shift the blame for the greatest crime in human history from the perpetrators to their victims; Poles also were victims of German crimes.