Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Over a million victims of the pandemic in Europe

 According to the AFP ranking, the number of people who died from Covid-19 in Europe surpassed one million on Monday. Meanwhile, the number of victims of the pandemic in the world is approaching 3 million.

According to official statistics, the largest number of Covid-19 victims has been in the UK - 127,100, although the situation is rapidly improving as vaccination progresses. Over 100,000 deaths were in Italy (114,612) and Russia (103,263). Poland, where 58,48 died until Monday, is seventh in this ranking. To date, nearly 42 million cases of Covid-19 have been reported across the continent.

Only both Americas had more victims of the pandemic than Europe; 1,411,418 died on Covid-19 there. The total number of deaths worldwide is over 2.96 million and is likely to exceed 3 million next week.

The worst situation is in Brazil, which last week had a record number of deaths in just one day: 4,211.