Saturday, May 22, 2021

Polish factory is the first in the world to produce perovskites solar cells

 In Wroclaw, Poland, the production of innovative solar cells, perovskites, has started. This innovative solution can generate energy both from the sun and from artificial light. As a result, perovskites can be used almost anywhere - from price labels to building facades to satellites in space.

It has been almost six years since, with the financial help of Hideo Sawada, a Japanese investor and his company HIS, we started a project aimed at setting up a perovskite production line. Many years of research, testing and hard work are now entering the implementation phase - says Olga Malinkiewicz, founder of Saule Technologies.

Perovskite solar cells will help change the world - said Malinkiewicz - this is the hope for cheap green energy and energy transformation. Printed, ultra-thin (hair-like), lightweight and flexible perovskite-based solar cells are both durable and efficient. The Polish company is the first to enter the commercialization phase of this future-oriented technology.

Due to their unique properties, perovskite cells can be used wherever traditional silicon cells have no chance of working: on roofs of lightweight buildings, on windows, because the cells may be partially transparent, on cars, sails, tents, laptop housings or telephones. They will power drones and Internet of Things devices - says Piotr Krych, president of Saule Technologies.

Now, companies from various sectors of the economy are seriously interested in Saule Technologies products. The company has just signed a cooperation agreement with the MVGM Group, which manages commercial real estate in 10 European markets.