Saturday, May 8, 2021

This drone can patrol forests endlessly and will not fly away

 The SmokeD company based in Białystok, Poland, the creator of software for detecting forest fires, has developed a tool for automatic fire monitoring based on drones and artificial intelligence.

The task of the system is to support the fire brigade, forest districts and national parks in quick detection of a fire and precise localization in the field - says Artur Matuszczak, who manages the startup. - Our system has been programmed to detect fires as quickly as possible, in practice it is often five to seven minutes - he adds.

The system automatically detects fire, and the drone itself works continuously on the so-called tether. This solution enables constant powering of the unmanned aerial vehicle from the ground, which allows it to hover in one place for many hours without having to replace the battery. The system works 24/7.

The drone monitors the entire horizon, analyzing the image in real-time. In the event of a fire, it sends an alert with a photo and the exact location of the incident. 

As Matuszczak emphasizes, the drone is a kind of mobile mast. But SmokeD also installs its detectors on traditional masts or buildings. These have already been implemented in almost 80 forest districts in Poland and in several places around the world, including California, New South Wales (Australia), and Guatemala. The company is currently working on implementations in Brazil and Indonesia.