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Sunday, June 6, 2021

At 17 he had the courage to oppose the lie about the Treblinka extermination camp

 Jakub Vaugon - a young man from a Polish-French family is living in Paris. In 2017, during a history lesson in a French gymnasium, he protested against the statement in the textbook that Poles in the Treblinka extermination camp had helped Germans in the genocide of Jews and prisoners of other nationalities. 

Despite the lack of any support of his school, Jakub won a correction and apology from the publication's publisher. Jakub's story was published on the Warsaw Uprising Museum's  Facebook page.

The Germans built the death camp in Treblinka in mid-1942 next to the nearby penal labor camp. It's first commandant was the medical doctor Irmfried Eberl. The first transport arrived on July 23, 1942 and contained Jews from the Warsaw ghetto; subsequent transports came from the territories of occupied Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Czechoslovakia and the USSR. According to historians' estimates, about 900,000 people died in Treblinka. Most of them - approx. 760 thousand. - came from Polish territories.

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