Wednesday, June 16, 2021

More and more "red tape" for Polish companies in the EU

 As a rule, EU Member States cannot discriminate against entities from other EU countries, but this is not always the case. Burdensome inspections, huge penalties, high administrative requirements - these are just some of the difficulties Polish companies face in the Internal Market of the EU.

The biggest problem is in France. Polish companies there are harassed by excessive controls and penalties. At the same time, French law contains provisions that directly infringe the freedoms of the single market. Moreover, the media slander campaigns create a climate in which it is easy to justify additional controls and restrictions. As a result, many companies have stopped operations there because of the nuisance of inspections and rules. There were even cases of unlawful seizure of vehicles.

The difficulties of Polish companies in France and other Western European countries are just an example of how the EU hampers its economic growth. By the estimate of the European Commission, the elimination of all existing barriers would bring economic growth by 2%.

In the meantime, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers says that the Polish government needs to take action to make changes, including appropriate treatment of contractors from Western Europe who operate in Poland. Not the best thing to do, but maybe that will make the EU enforce its laws, something they are so fond of doing when it comes to Poland.