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Thursday, June 24, 2021

"Old EU members" want dialogue with Putin. Prime Minister Morawiecki sets conditions

PM's office / Niezalezna.pl

 Germany and France prepared amendments that would "soften" the conclusions of the EU summit regarding Russia. There was strong opposition from many members of the European Union. The two-day summit, which started on Thursday, will determine whether a majority will overturn the EU's gentle approach to the Kremlin. 

"Only Russia's withdrawal from its aggressive policy towards its neighbors and EU countries, particularly Poland, can constitute the basis for opening a dialogue" - PM Morawiecki said before the summit.

Just before the summit, Germany and France proposed amendments weakening the summit's conclusions regarding Russia. They presented proposals for provisions regarding the need for closer cooperation between the Union and Russia in specific areas, such as climate change or the nuclear agreement with Iran.

According to unofficial sources, the German ambassador to the EU has even suggested Putin's participation in the summit.

The German-French proposal was a big surprise for many member states.

Polish PM stressed that European solidarity requires understanding the interests of the 'eastern flank' of the EU and NATO.

"I will point to Russia's policy in the context of cyberattacks" - announced Morawieckir.

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