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Saturday, June 19, 2021

There is an agreement on the Baltic Pipe. Gas will reach Poland on time

 The gas pipeline from Denmark to Poland will be delayed by three months, but it will manage to deliver the necessary gas to Poland by the end of 2022 when the existing contract with Gazprom expires. Poland has announced that it will not extend it.

Energinet, gas transition operator, has announced that it may resume construction of the onshore section of the Baltic Pipe through the island of Zealand, the eastern part of the island of Funen, and part of the overhead line from the west coast of Denmark to the Nybro gas terminal. It is also possible to resume construction of the Nybro terminal and the new compressor station at Everdrup, Zealand.

Energinet expects the entire project to be delayed by three months but will deliver a large part of the agreed capacity to Poland by October 2022, aiming to ensure full capacity by the end of 2022. At this point, PGNiG ends its contract with Russia's Gazprom.

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