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Friday, July 30, 2021

Zapad 2021 maneuvers - is it just a demonstration of Russian power or more?

 The Zapad 2021 exercises officially start only in more than a month (September 10-16), but the information received in recent days shows that their scale will be more prominent - both compared to the previous, similar maneuvers carried out 4 years ago, and experts' predictions.

One of the main concentration sites will be the Camp - Leśniowski training ground located near Baranowicze. It has been intensively expanded for two months and transports with Russian equipment, so far engineering, have already started to arrive.

Konrad Muzyka, the author of the report on the military potential of the Russian Western Military District, wrote that in his opinion, the current edition of the Zapad maneuvers will undoubtedly be larger than the previous one. He concluded both by analyzing the scale of the preparations and the transports with Russian military units already arriving in Belarus. It is also worth noting that these are the best and best-equipped units in the Russian armed forces. 

For now, it's just the first movements, but what has been observed makes experts wonder. The more so because in 2017, when the previous Zapad exercises took place, units of the elite 6th Armored Brigade arrived in Belarus a few days before the maneuvers began, and now they come much earlier. Knowing the importance attached by the Russian staff officers to the period they describe as the "initial phase of the war," it is expected that Zapad 2021 maneuvers will actually start in August or even are going on. We just didn't notice.