Sunday, August 22, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: August 22 - Stalin refuses to provide help to Warsaw

- At 2.00 am the units from Żoliborz, commanded by Lt. Col. Mieczysław Niedzielski, "Host", attempted to break into the Old Town. The area, however, was extremely unfavorable for the attackers, allowing Germans to shell them without the risk for themselves. The attack broke down. The insurgents suffered terrible losses, reaching up to 75% of their ranks. 

- The railway line remained in the hands of the Germans.  

- The losses of Poles multiply when troops from the Old Town attack German lines. Their goal is Fort Traugutt, but they have no chance of reaching the position strongly defended by German soldiers. 

- In the Old Town, Germans take the ruins of the Arsenal. 

- Several Allied planes appear above the city, trying to drop equipment for the fighting Varsovians. The Allies suffered a diplomatic defeat. In response to a letter from two days earlier, which the leaders of the Western powers, President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill, sent to Stalin, the Soviet dictator unequivocally distanced himself from the fighting in Warsaw and refrained from helping the insurgents. In his own words: 

"Sooner or later, the truth about the handful of criminals who initiated the Warsaw brawl in order to seize power will become known to everyone. These people took advantage of the trust of the Varsovians, throwing many almost defenseless people against German cannons, tanks and air force. A situation has arisen in which every day is used not by Poles for the liberation of Warsaw, but by the Nazis who inhumanly murder the population of Warsaw.”

 Apperently Stalin forgot that three days before the uprising erupted Radio Moscow broadcasted a call in Polish to the people of Warsaw. It proclaimed that for the Polish capital "the hour of action has struck" and announced that "active fighting in the streets of Warsaw [...] will not only accelerate the moment of final liberation, but also save the national property and the lives of your brothers."