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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Biden thinks that after allowing NS2 to continue he has "moral right" to tell Poland which laws to pass

 Two laws passed through Polish Sejm (parliament) yesterday. There are plenty of people who are not happy about it. But, why does President Biden thinks that he has the right to intervene? This is way beyond my ability to understand. Especially after essentially giving away Poland's energy independence to Russia and Germany. That act affects not just Poland but an entire region including Ukraine.

Apparently, the Polish government is also is delivered by the situation to the point where the Prime Minister during the press conference said this: 

"In both of these situations, I invite specialists from, for example, our American partners to analyze what we are talking about here.

In the case of the amendment of the Administrative Code, we definitely do not want to see pathologies such as those that took place in Warsaw and beyond, i.e. finding somewhere 130 or 140-year-old pre-war owners living in South America, whom - horror of horrors - Polish courts accepted that they were actually still alive, signing some legal documents." 

We all agree that the laws should be just. Unfortunately, previous laws in Poland were not, and lawmakers in Poland are trying to correct that. Yes, they may make mistakes and that is why the process is so long and maybe the President of Poland should send it to the Constitutional Tribunal for review as the Secretary of the State, Blinken, suggested (actually demanded), but that should be an internal matter. Neither functionary of the other country should make such demands because if President Duda sends them for review he will look like a puppet in US hands. Not to mention that President Biden has his own problems with venturing outside of the boundaries set by the US Constitution.

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