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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Warsaw Uprising: August 11 - first "Goliaths" used against insurgent barricades and civilians

"Goliath" - first unmanned vehicle, drone, ever used
  • Col. Chruściel "Monter" issues orders regulating the rules of using the weapon as well as the provisions on equipment and uniforms. 
  • German troops took over Wola and Ochota districts. 
  • The retreat of the "Radosław" group towards the Old Town. Badly wounded Lt. Col. Jan Mazurkiewicz "Radosław" resigned from the position of group commander. 
  • City block at ul. Wawelska 60 is surrounded and almost completely destroyed by RONA soldiers, assisted by deadly remote-controlled (by wire) single-use vehicles "goliaths", basically tracked mines. Fortunately, the fighters managed to escape through the sewers. 
  • The bombing of the Old Town continues. The ground forces are also launching an offensive in this area.

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