Sunday, August 29, 2021

Number of migrants stuck between borders of Poland and Belarus may seem grotesque until you look at the stats

 Liberal media in Poland and Europe enjoy reporting, therefore joining forces with Lukashenko and Putin, about 25 migrants stuck on the "nobody's land" between Poland and Belarus but a quick look at last month's numbers gives a different story. 

Yesterday Polish Border Guard (SG) service wrote on Twitter: 

"On Saturday, August 28, Border Guard officers recorded 61 attempts to illegally cross the border from Belarus to Poland. All attempts were thwarted by SG! This month there were over 3.2 thousand such attempts."

Considering that this is just a beginning and if successful there will be more illegal crossings those numbers are not insignificant.

I know that for the last several years Poland is criticized for refusing to accept migrants from the Middle East and is even accused of breaking with EU members' solidarity, but not many know that Poland is accepting hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ukraine and Belarus and as of now, the totals passed a million people.

Accepting thousands of more people who are not familiar with Polish culture and customs would be a disaster for Poland especially since the migrants from the Middle East are not willing to adjust or assimilate, or even accept employment for wages that are much smaller than in the West. 

The EU claims Belarus has deliberately engineered the influx in retaliation over EU sanctions — an accusation Minsk has vehemently denied.

Thousands of migrants — mostly from the Middle East — have crossed the border from Belarus into the eastern EU states of Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia in recent months.

Poland has called it a "hybrid attack" and said that those 25 migrants mentioned above must not be allowed to enter, arguing they are still in Belarus and that Minsk should deal with the issue. 

- At least we know that Lukashenko is a $250K ($10K each according to the latest reports) reacher.