Sunday, August 15, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: August 15 - new airdrops, three Allied planes shootdown

 More airdrops for the fighting capital. The Germans report small successes with shooting down three planes. The losses among the planes and crews sent to help Warsaw are growing. They have a difficult route to cover from Italian airports. 

The Old Town is still the main target for the Germans. The enemies capture the Mostowski Palace, but they fail to keep it. 

Heavy fights broke out for the building of the Polish Bank on Bielańska Street and for the Church of the Canonesses on the Theater plaza. 

The German assault on the northern part of Downtown continues. The shelling of the Post Office and the Railway Station is exceptionally strong. 

In the afternoon, a fire engulfed the Prudential building and the houses on Emilia Plater St. Fires also broke out in Powiśle, caused by Germans. 

Meanwhile, in Mokotów, the Poles catch two Hungarians with an officer rank. Thanks to this, it is possible to establish contact with Hungarian units stationed near Warsaw. The Germans planned to use them to fight Polish insurgents coming to the relief of the fighting city. 

Soviet planes bombard the enemy's position at Okęcie.