Thursday, August 19, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: August 19 - full scale German attack on the Old Town

 It turns out that the fierce fighting in the Old Town on August 18 was only a prelude to the extensive German offensive, which started in the morning of August 19. The German air force reappears over the Old Town, ruthlessly bombing the insurgents' positions and destroying the remaining buildings. 

Gen. Hans Reinefarth sends 12 battalions with 9 "Tiger" tanks at their disposal. These forces are tasked with taking over the Old Town. Thanks to the support of artillery, the Germans gain a significant advantage over defenders. The fights broke out on Bonifraterska Street, Krasiński Garden, and Krasiński Square, and at Tłomackie and Bielańska Streets. Despite the insurgents' poor equipment, the Polish soldiers hold their positions, fending off subsequent enemy attacks. 

There are also fights Downtown, where the buildings of the University of Technology have been the main arena of the struggle for several days. Unfortunately, the insurgents, despite their insane resistance, must recognize the numerical superiority of the enemy who drives them out of this part of the district.