Sunday, August 29, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: August 29 - Poles negotiate with the Germans

The USA and Great Britain announced declarations under which the Home Army (AK) soldiers were granted full veteran rights. The declarations were intended to stop Germans from summarily executing AK soldiers giving them POW status. 

As agreed on the previous day, Poles negotiate with the Germans. This does not stop General von dem Bach from starting a general attack on Żoliborz district. The attack is lead by the forces of the 19th Panzer Division. Poles are unable to maintain many of their positions. The Monastery of the Sisters of the Resurrection cannot resist the German onslaught. 

The "Kampinos" group is completely destroyed. The forces of Major Kotowski are attacked by the enemy near Jaktorów and suffer a severe defeat. The commander is killed, along with 250 soldiers. Nearly 300 were wounded. Several hundred soldiers manage to get out of the encirclement but their group ceased to exist.