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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: August 4th-7th

Female insurgents of Home Army

August 4

  • The beginning of the wave of mass shootings, looting, arson, and rapes by the German army in the Ochota district, which lasts until August 25.
  • Warsaw Home Army District Headquarters called on the inhabitants of the capital to build barricades.
  • The Germans dropped from their planes leaflets to the Home Army soldiers, dated August 2, calling for the cessation of military actions against the Germans, allegedly signed by General Komorowski "Bor".
  • Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, a poet, a leading representative of the so-called Generation of Columbus Men , a soldier in the Home Army Battalions "Zośka" and "Parasol," killed in action.
  • Polish and British crews made the first airdrops over the fighting Warsaw.

August 5

  • The insurgents captured a German concentration camp, KL Warschau, releasing 348 Jews.
  • The SS brigade led by SS-Oberfuehrer Oskar Dirlenwanger murdered around 20,000 people in Wola District.
  • The German-Soviet battle on the outskirts of Prague has ended.

August 6

  • The Germans opened a transit concentration camp (Dulag 121) in Pruszków for the civilian population of Warsaw. In total, about 550 thousand people passed through it.
  • Establishment of the Military Social Service (WSS), subordinate to the Information and Propaganda Bureau of the Warsaw Home Army District Headquarters. The tasks of the WSS included helping insurgents and civilians.
  • Field mail services were started by Boy Scouts. Most of them were of pre-teen age.

August 7

The insurgent units called the "Radosław" Group fought battles in Calvinist and Evangelical cemeteries.

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