Monday, September 6, 2021

Prime Minister: We do not expect tension on the eastern border to drop

 The Polish authorities do not expect tension on the eastern border to drop. It is not only about the migratory pressure from the Belarusian direction, but also the huge Zapad-2021 military maneuvers (Russian-Belarusian exercises) that are starting soon. As Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized, they may be associated with numerous provocations. As he added, "prevention is better than cure", which is why it was decided to introduce a state of emergency in the strip running along the border with Belarus.

 The PM also informed that the Polish services detained persons who were probably "in the service of the Belarusian services and who, in cooperation with these services, cooperate with the Lukashenka regime." These people, he explained, are trying to illegally transfer immigrants to Poland. He also stated that the Polish side knows that "the Belarusian services provide migrants with special means and food, and help them in their attempts to cross into Polish territory".