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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The European Commission seeks financial penalties for Poland

 The European Commission said on Tuesday it had asked the EU's top court to impose financial penalties on Poland in a dispute over judicial reform and the activities of a judges' disciplinary chamber.

On July 14, Poland was obliged by the CJEU to "immediately suspend" the application of national provisions relating to the powers of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court. The Polish government argues that doing so will break Polish.

"The government has no measures which, without violating the principle of the independence of the judiciary, could suspend the operation of the court chamber and the effects of its decisions."

In reply to the European Commission, it was stated that "Poland will continue reforms of the judiciary, also in the areas of judges' responsibility, the aim of which is to improve the efficiency of this system." 

The dispute already has negative effects on the Polish judiciary. "Old" (those from the communism era) judges feel untouchable and act like it. Several cases of corruption and actual theft by the judges hang in limbo because of it. They enjoy the immunity that can only be lifted by the disciplinary chamber. There is a growing number of court decisions that favor politicians and activists of the political opposition.

The EC plays a very dangerous game which may result in the collapse of the entire Polish judiciary system unless of course, that's their goal.

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