Sunday, September 19, 2021

Warsaw Uprising Calendar: September 18 - 20: 100 of American B-17's over Warsaw

September 18 - Over 100 American B-17 planes appeared over Warsaw and made airdrops. 

September 19 - Gen. Komorowski "Bór" in an appeal to the insurgents called for further armed resistance against the Germans. 

September 20 

- The next units of the 2nd Infantry Division of the Polish Army crossed the Vistula to the Czerniakow bridgehead. 

- Commanded by Lt. Mazurkiewicz "Radosław", a unit of about 200 insurgents got through the sewers from Czerniaków to Mokotów. 

- Gen. Komorowski "Bór" gave the order to create the Warsaw Corps of the Home Army - regular units of the Polish Army composed of the insurgent forces. General Chruściel "Monter" was appointed commander of the corps.