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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Solidarity unionists go to the heart of EU to address their grievances. 'This is what "free Europe" looks like'

 On Friday, a demonstration of trade unionists from the Solidarity Trade Union (Solidarność) began in front of the seat of the Court of Justice of the EU in Luxembourg. It was a protest against the Tribunal's ruling in the case of the Turów lignite mine. 

Trade union members in yellow vests with the imprints "Hands off Turów" and banners "Yesterday Moscow today Brussels takes our sovereignty from us" handed out leaflets explaining that "as a result of the one-man absolutely heartless decision of the CJEU to close the Turów mine, we face the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, paralysis of the entire region, pushing us and our families into energy poverty. We will never allow ourselves to be treated as political hostages. We are forced to defend our rights and jobs in any way we can. Hence the protest."

The Luxembourg authorities set the limit of participants in the demonstrations at 2,000 people and then they set up the barriers with the very same concertina barbed wires Poland was so fiercely criticized for installing it on the border. Those Polish men and women in their 50s and 60s are still feared, they remember how to defeat communism, in Europe.

This is what "free Europe" looks like. The barbed wire is waiting for the legal demonstration of Solidarity and Nationalists. Leftist liberalism in practice. Can you imagine what would be the scream in Europe if the Polish government were to spread the barbed wire for the demonstration of the opposition? - said the PiS deputy Kazimierz Smoliński.


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