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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Russian monopoly has been broken. Polish PGNiG will supply gas to Moldova

 PGNiG Supply & Trading, in cooperation with the US-Ukrainian ERU, won a tender for the sale of natural gas to Moldova. It will be the first-ever supply of non-Russian gas to this country.

The Moldovan parliament last week ordered a state of emergency in the energy sector in connection with the gas crisis, as government negotiations on a long-term gas contract with a traditional supplier - Russia - stalled.

"The contract was signed for the trial purchase of one million cubic meters of natural gas between the state-owned company Energocom and the Polish company PGNiG. This is the first supply in Moldova's history from alternative sources" - wrote the Moldovan government in a statement.

Moldova on October 26 received its first-ever delivery of non-Russian gas as the country struggles to cope with a deep energy crisis caused by a reduction in deliveries from Gazprom.

Russia’s promise not to use its Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as a means of political leverage looks increasingly meaningless amidst current developments in Moldova.

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