Thursday, November 25, 2021

German Concentration Camp for Children

 It is difficult and frustrating to remind the World media that there were no Polish concentration or death camps during WWII. It is even more frustrating when you have to remind German media about it because we are more and more confident that it is not a mistake on their part.

Let us remind or inform you about one of the worst German crimes of WWII. The crime against Polish children in the form of the concentration camp in the city of Łódź.

Bandits, hooligans, anti-social element. Such epithets were used by the Germans to describe little Poles whom they imprisoned in a camp created especially for them. The existence of a place such is undoubtedly one of the most shameful episodes of World War II. It is also one that an extraordinary effort was made to conceal. It was established inside a Jewish ghetto, which made it completely isolated and hidden.

The official reason for creating a camp for Polish children was the alleged demoralization and their negative impact on young Germans. However, the truth was that the children ended up in the camp only because they were Poles.

The assumption was that the prisoners of the concentration camp in Łódź were children aged 12-16. In practice, even toddlers were sent there. The youngest two- and three-year-old children were looked after by older girls. Throughout the existence of the camp, about 3,000 minor Poles passed through it.

The youngest children were "Germanized" and sent deep into the Reich. The older ones were there to work. It was a labor camp. After turning 16, many children were transported to concentration camps such as Gross-Rosen, Ravensbrück, or Auschwitz.

A book titled "Little Auschwitz. Children's camp in Łódź " was recently published. Hopefully, it will be soon translated into English.

- Based on the article in DoRzeczy(.)pl.