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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

PM Morawiecki meeting with EU leaders "to keep unity"

 Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki continues his diplomatic offensive, related mainly to threats on the eastern border of the European Union. Today the head of the Polish government is in Paris, tomorrow he will be in Berlin, the day after tomorrow in London. Earlier, the prime minister met with the leaders of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia and with the heads of government of the V4 states: Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. 

The deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marcin Przydacz, in an interview with the wPolityce(.)pl portal, reveals that the order of the Prime Minister's visits is not accidental and that everything is part of a coherent strategy.

"The security situation in Europe, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, is not without challenges. On one side, we observe the aggressive policy of Alexander Lukashenka on the Belarusian-EU border. On the other side, we see destabilizing actions on the gas market. On the third, we see Russia's increasingly aggressive steps around Ukraine. Finally, we have in-depth disinformation activities on the part of our eastern neighbors" - says Marcin Przydacz.

"All this means that it is necessary that our partners are fully aware of these threats, but it is also necessary to send strong signals to the east of our borders so that this aggressive policy not only does not continue but is also mitigated. This is the prime minister's goal."

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